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Importance of a Prosthetic Eye Polishing

Eyes Alive recommends that your prosthetic eye be professionally polished annually, however some patients benefit from every six months, or sooner if necessary. This recommendation is globally supported. With most medical funds covering the cost.

Most patients are in need of a professional polish when they have one or more of the following symptoms: irritated or itchy eyelids, increased discharge, and an overall change in the cosmetic appearance.

A professional polish, by an OASA registered Ocularist, will restore the prosthetic eye’s comfort and appearance by removing protein deposits, and surface scratches, restoring your prosthetic eye to a high gloss. An annual check-up is also an opportunity for your Ocularist to examine the health of your eye socket and the fit of your prosthetic eye. This is also the best opportunity to discuss with your Ocularist any concerns you may have with your prosthetic eye. We want you to be completely satisfied with every aspect of your prosthetic eye at Eyes Alive.

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality ocular prosthesis possible; we always welcome your input in achieving this goal.

To contact Eyes Alive for your annual polish, please call us on 072 039 6116 for an appointment at either of our Guateng office locations: Randburg or Centurion. Or, alternatively you can drop us a line through our Contact Us page. We look forward to serving you!

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