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Frequently Asked Questions:

General Questions about Artificials Eyes

What is an Ocular Prothesis?
What is an Artificial Eye?
Will I be able to see with this prosthesis?
What kind of implant is best for me?
What are Stock Plastic Eyes?
What are Custom Plastic Eyes?
What is the Difference Between "Stock" and "Custom" Artificial Eyes?
How long does an artificial eye last?
How do I obtain an artificial eye?
What is the process to procure a custom fitted artificial eye?
Is it necessary to return to the Ocularist on a regular basis?
How do I care for my prosthesis?
Why should I use a tissue to wipe the artificial eye instead of a handkerchief?
Is there a certain way I should wipe the prosthesis to prevent it from falling out?
Will I have to remove the prosthesis?
How often do I have to remove my prosthesis?
How do I remove and re-insert the prosthesis?
Will I have to remove the prosthesis overnight?
How do I tell the top of the prosthetic eye from the bottom?
My fingers are not as nimble as they use to be. I don't know if I can remove the artificial eye, and the hands are not that steady to catch the eye if I try to use my fingers for removal. What else can I do?
what about the use of eyeglasses?
Should I experience any occasional discomfort wearing the prosthesis?
What inconvenience should I expect?
Can one participate in sports activities even when wearing an artificial eye?
Will the allergy season and summer heat be of any concern?
Will very cold temperatures have any affect on wearing the prosthesis?
The eyelid becomes irritated and sore because I cannot close the eyelid completely. Is there something to make the eyelid more comfortable?
Why does secretion accumulate on the lower eyelid and lashes?
Are Artificial eyes covered by my Medical Aid?
Can Artificial eyes be insured?

Questions about Ocularists?

What is an Ocular Prosthesis?
How do you know your Ocularist is qualified?

Glass and Acrylic prosthetic eyes

What is the difference between Glass and Acrylic prosthetic eyes?

Prostheses for children

Why does my child need an ocular prosthesis after an eye loss?
My child was born with a partially developed (microphthalmic) eye, is it possible to fit a cover shell prosthesis over such a globe?
Will it be difficult for my child to be fitted with an artificial eye?
What is the process of getting an ocular prosthesis for my child?
At what age should my child begin to wear an ocular prosthesis?
Do I need to find a paediatric Ocularist or any Ocularist will do?
How sensitive are the tissues under the eyelids when you put the prosthesis in?
Is it difficult for my child to adapt to wearing the prosthesis?
How do I help my child care for the prosthesis?
How do I help my child to remove and re-insert the prosthesis?
Is there any cautionary advice you can give regarding the prosthesis and my child?

You can also visit this website for additional information
Micro & Anophthalmic Childrens Society

Questions about Scleral Ocular Prostheses

What is an impression moulded scleral ocular prosthesis?
Does the scleral ocular prosthesis have any therapeutic purpose?
What if my medical aid won't cover this fee for a scleral prosthesis claiming it is strictly cosmetic?
Are there any other benefits derived from wearing such a cover shell over a dysfunctional globe?
Are all of your scleral prosthetic referrals adults?
What is the procedure to having a scleral ocular prosthesis?
If I have a very sensitive cornea and cannot pass Phase I with wearing comfort, but I still want this type of prosthesis, what is my next option?
Is it possible to wear a soft cosmetic corneal contact lens over a blind disfigured eye?

Ocular and Maxillofacial Prosthetics: A Brief History

The Archeological History of Ocular and Maxillofacial Prosthetics
The Recorded History of Ocular and Facial Prosthetics
The Recent Past
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