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Insertion and Removal Techniques for Your Ocular Prosthesis

Removal of Eye Prosthesis

The patient will initially look up, glide their finger along the very edge of the bottom eyelid and the rest. The prosthesis can be caught with the other hand when the patient becomes proficient. Don’t worry if the eye prosthesis falls onto the floor initially since you will learn the technique in the first few days and you’ll become proficient at catching it.

Insertion of Eye Prosthesis

The top lid is gently lifted to expose the open socket using the index finger. The top of the eye prosthesis is inserted under the top eyelid. The top is indicated by the omission of veins in that section. The prosthesis is gently moved upwards in the socket. While pushing the eye prosthesis upwards with the one hand, now pull the lower lid down with the other to allow the prosthesis to gently rest in the socket.

Insertion / Cleaning Products

The solutions to clean & maintain the prosthesis are mostly from the hard & gas permeable ranges. Bausch & Lomb’s BOSTON SIMPLUS is a good product when available.

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