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Beryl Carvalho Ocular Prosthetic Fittings with a Focus on Children

Beryl recently spoke with the Low Vision Interest Group that she's a member of. Here's the talk on Fitting and Manufacture with a focus on Children in the Practice and during COVID.


Beryl and Pedro have been selected by FMI to participate in a program called FMI #21LIVES. Please check out the below link. All likes and shares will influence out chances of winning the FMI #21Lives competition.

25th Birthday Anniversary

Beryl Carvalho from Eyes Alive is proud to announce that they have been happily changing the lives of eye loss patients for just over 25 years now.

Inserting & Removing an Artifical Eye

Beryl Carvalho from Eyes Alive, with the aid of one her accommodating patients, has put together this video to detail the process of inserting and removing an artificial eye.

Making an artificial eye

Beryl Carvalho explains the process of manufacturing an ocular prosthesis or artificial eye as they are more commonly known.

Young Mother of two receives prosthetic eye

Uida's eye was eviscerated in 2014 through an injury in the home. This is her emotional journey through many Doctors until eventually finding Beryl Carvalho from Eyes Alive who has fitted her with her new Ocular Prosthesis or artificial eye (as they are more commonly known).

Totally blind patient

Mariette is one of Beryl Carvalho from Eyes Alive's blind patients. Her catch phrase is that she is not disabled but merely 'differently-abled'.

Little boy with Cancer receives an artificial eye

Clarence and his mom were interviewed for Beryl Carvalho from Eyes Alive so that parents can get an idea of how to carry on even when there is no hope left. Clarence, who is one of a twin, has had an enucleation due to retina blastoma, a cancer that young children get.

Blinded in one eye since birth

This video is Jeanette's story of her loss of vision in the one eye and how Beryl Carvalho from Eyes Alive changed her life by making her a new eye prosthesis.

Granny receives an arificial eye

Jane was so impressed with her first ocular prosthesis that she jokingly exclaimed "oooh, now I can get a new boyfriend"!

4 year old boy receives an arificial eye

When Brendan first came to the practice of Beryl Carvalho from Eyes Alive, he was just a year old. he lost his eye through a cancer called retina blastoma. Both he and his family are well adjusted to wearing the ocular prosthesis and he takes it in his stride thanks to the loving care of his parents.

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